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CargoMate Mobile simplifies the way crew log port call events and uses algorithms based on gantry productivity to accurately predict when a vessel can leave port, helping to reduce fuel costs, save money and keep your vessels on schedule.

Using the planned time of arrival at the berth, crew can monitor the loading and discharging of containers in any port worldwide with shore-based teams being able to view real-time port activity as it happens. Notifications of the estimated time of cargo completion enables just-in-time planning of all port services and planning to the next port, reducing admin time onboard and ashore.

CargoMate Mobile is more than just a digital logbook, it's the world's first intelligent bayplan giving crews all the information they need in the palm of their hand.

Crews can start using CargoMate Mobile as soon as it arrives onboard, and as the device is completely independent, you don't need to worry about connecting to any ships systems.

The position and status of gantries, hatch-covers and gearboxes, and special cargo such as Dangerous Goods and Out-Of-Gauge containers are easily monitored through an intuitive interface.

CargoMate Mobile is always up-to-date, showing the position and status of gantries, hatch covers, gearboxes and special cargo such as Dangerous Goods and Out-Of-Gauge cargoes. Logging containers can be done individually, by row, by tier or you can log an entire bay as complete.

Shift changes and coffee breaks are simple to record and show instantly on CargoMate Dashboard, so you know exactly when operations are in progress or stopped.

Bays with refrigerated, IMDG and OOG cargo are colour-coded in the bayplan, and shown as icons in the Cargo Plan. Crew can view the Device dashboard which also shows the amount of special cargo remaining to be managed.

CargoMate Mobile also displays every placard, UN number, container type and cell location for Dangerous Goods on a fully interactive digital bayplan, helping to keep your crew and cargo safe and secure every step of the way.

CargoMate Mobile is the only system that notifies shore-based teams if planned containers are cancelled, direct from your own ships. Because CargoMate Mobile allows crew to track every container onboard, if a container is rolled, they simply tap the scissors icon to cancel each affected container and an automatic update is sent directly to your CargoMate Dashboard.

Crew can log lashing and twistlock completion and gear box location directly onto the device which syncs instantly to your CargoMate Dashboard.

CargoMate Dashboard

CargoMate Dashboard helps shore-based teams view real-time port activity as it happens to enable just-in-time planning and port call optimisation, enabling you to:

  • View every vessel undertaking a port call on one screen, including the number of moves remaining and the current estimated cargo operations completion status
  • Know the status and location of high-value cargos such as reefers, IMDGs, OOG and breakbulk
  • Receive regular notifications of the estimated time of cargo completion to enable just-in-time planning of all port services
  • CargoMate is the only system in the world that neutrally records berth performance so you can compare reported performance from the terminal against observed performance from your ship