Change nothing and nothing changes

18 Jan 2019 - Emma Mark

Change nothing and nothing changes

It’s been said that dissatisfied people change the world. Whilst this is true to a degree, plenty of dissatisfied people go through their lives without changing anything. It is the ability to identify a problem and then actively seek out an elegant solution that is the real driving force required to facilitate positive change. Since we started on our journey to build the CargoMate platform we have relentlessly pursued the goal of changing the shipping industry for the better. As 2018 progressed we realised that if we want to fulfil our ambition of changing an entire industry, we had to first change ourselves. For the last three months, we have been creating a new brand identity that reflects our ultimate goal and we are delighted to announce that from today we will be known as Intelligent Cargo Systems.

Anything is possible

Our founders, Chris and Dennis, first began to work on CargoMate because of their dissatisfaction with how port operations are managed. It is laborious, time consuming, prone to human error and puts a great deal of pressure on the ship’s crew. Having identified a problem, they set about creating a solution that would help crews to manage cargo loading and discharging more efficiently, making life easier for the crew and saving the ship time, money, and fuel.

The wonderful thing about embracing change is that it opens up all manner of possibilities. What started as a digital logbook to improve the lives of seafarers, has become a sophisticated analytics solution which gives stakeholders real-time visibility of port operations and tracks the performance of container terminals worldwide. But this is just the beginning, our technology can be applied to a whole host of use cases, not just within the maritime sector, but to other multimodal sectors too. Chris and Dennis have big ambitions and improving the flow of cargo around the world is a key part of their vision for the future. To make this vision a reality we need a brand that can take us from a single product, single idea startup, to a multi-faceted enterprise where anything is possible.

Building a new brand

In defining our new brand, we asked ourselves what it is we actually do. Put simply, we create intelligent systems to help cargo carriers become more efficient. From there it became easy for us to arrive at Intelligent Cargo Systems as a brand name to be the umbrella for all our current and future ideas, products and services, including CargoMate.

Change is the very core of what drove Chris and Dennis to begin their adventure. To paraphrase Churchill, to improve is to change; to perfect is to change often. Whether true perfection exists is another matter entirely, but to continually challenge the status quo and strive for greatness is an ethos that Intelligent Cargo Systems stands for above all else.

Change is possible if we look at a problem and envisage a solution, then together, take the first steps towards turning a shared vision into reality. Change isn’t something to be feared, it is simply the driving force to continually make things better. With the continued support of our customers, investors and team, that is exactly what we intend to do.

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