Maersk and the missing port calls

12 Apr 2019 - Emma Mark

Maersk and the missing port calls

In December 2018 Container Management interviewed Maersk in respect of reports stating there would be fewer port calls in some locations to improve schedule reliability and enable stable and reliable cargo deliveries to its customers. Maersk were quoted as saying: “To meet our customers’ increasing need for reliable cargo delivery, we have reviewed our service network and identified additional time to recover from the potential delays we continue to face from bad weather and other external factors.”

We fully understand that bad weather affects port calls and there really isn’t anything that can be done to resolve that issue (although our tech team are working on it!), but the idea of reducing port calls to stay on schedule is questionable.  Surely if port calls can be proven to be made more efficient by using technology to monitor gantry moves and therefore giving a clear indication as to whether there will be a delay is a more customer centric solution?

So if abandoning port calls and reducing service capacity doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, come and see how we can help you reduce your time in port.

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