ONE want a revolution

12 Apr 2019 - Emma Mark

ONE want a revolution

Schedule changes can wreak havoc in container shipping, whilst they may not always result in delay, they can be sure to cause headaches for all involved. In an article by JOC they shared some of the worst offenders with Antwerp having the highest average number of changes at 7.4 per shipping schedule, and Rotterdam having the highest percentage of schedule changes that were over 24 hours at 49 percent.

ONE were quoted as saying “The problem today is the technology is accelerating, but we’re not quite there at a low enough cost to be able to deploy sensors in 1 million containers. When we do that, it will be a revolution in our industry.”

In all fairness ONE make a valid point, technology in all its guises is not accessible to everyone in the shipping industry, regardless of the appetite. Our recent blog on blockchain reiterates this fact, yes of course everyone wants to implement the latest tech craze to hit the industry but for most of us, it just isn’t viable. However, to say that by deploying sensors onto 1 million containers will start a revolution isn’t entirely true. Maersk already employ sensors on their containers and it hasn’t completely solved the problem for them.

Changes in schedules are going to happen whether we like it or not and nothing will stop that from happening, but what we can do, is use technology to accurately predict when a vessel will be ready to leave port (whether that is early, on schedule or with a delay), to enable us to make better decisions for the next leg of the voyage. So that’s what we’ve done. And it didn’t take a million sensors to do it, just nine of the very best coders and software developers working tirelessly in a little office in Richmond.

If you want a revolution, you’ve found one.

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