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The port call optimisation movement has gained considerable ground in recent years, progressing from theories and tentative pilots to end-to-end strategies and a plethora of solutions designed to tackle every aspect of inefficiency both onboard and ashore.

Whilst this ever growing wave of information is necessary for every actor involved in port call optimisation, it presents a new set of challenges. Wading through reams of documentation is time consuming so, as part of our commitment to collaborate with all members of our community, we have dedicated our port call optimisation pages to sharing as much pertinent information as possible.

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Data sharing between ports and shipping companies is essential to ensure our community remains profitable and sustainable. We cannot achieve this alone. We must collaborate, sharing information and ideas, to create an environment that ensures our longevity.

As an organisation, Intelligent Cargo Systems will continue to actively promote and share solutions from other providers alongside our own as we firmly believe in the future of commercial shipping, and understand the responsibility to help deliver that future for generations to come.

Below are just some of the organisations that we think are working hard to create innovative products and services within our industry. To find out more about any of them, just click on the appropriate panel.


Awake.AI’s unique platform for collaboration and optimization enables better operational planning for all logistics chain actors in real-time. Split between three segments, the Awake platform allows its users to focus on implementing their strategies... read more

Marine Fields

Established February 2017 as an impartial company allowing everyone to connect, Marine Fields is based in Limassol, Cyprus. Run and manned by people with a long and established experience in the shipping industry with an extensive network of contacts and affiliations... read more


Wärtsilä Navi-Port is the first commercially available ship-to-port communication platform that has applied the port call message standard as defined by the Sea Traffic Management (STM) validation project. Wärtsilä Navi-Port is a middleware hooked up... read more


OptiPort Dispatch Optimization solution is a planning solution for nautical service providers’ vessel operations. OptiPort optimizes the dispatch schedule of harbour tugs in real-time, 24/7 within the relevant set of nautical constraints... read more


Portcast technology combines various external data-sets, machine learning and AI to estimate accurate arrival time and measure delay risk for vessel and container tracking and estimates demand dynamically suggesting impacts on customer profiling... read more


Portchain uses mathematical optimization and machine learning to improve the operational efficiency of ships and terminals. Their Berth Optimisation Engine takes just 90 seconds to consider possible berthing options and recommend an optimal plan... read more


PortXchange (formerly known as Pronto) provides shipping companies, agents, terminals and other service providers with an online platform that they can use to exchange information about their port calls. Users can use the PortXchange dashboard... read more

SEAPort Solutions

The main product developed by SEAPort (Ship Efficient Approach at Port) Solutions is a collaborative platform for data exchange relating to port call processes. The agents involved in these processes will be correctly informed, having information... read more


Teqplay provides information and tools to optimize port call optimization and the maritime supply chain. Its platform uses AI and analytics to improve asset utilization, reduce waste on labor and fuel and help clients spot new opportunities in real- time. The range of solutions... read more

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It is no longer a question of if digitalization action should be taken by all those involved in the maritime transportation, it is rather a question of the timing of when they will take action. ...To benefit, one needs to become engaged in sharing data and engage in new collaboration and interaction patterns.

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