Talk about stating the obvious

26 Apr 2019 - Emma Mark

Talk about stating the obvious

In a recent article with JOC, APM Terminals in Mumbai said, ‘There is no doubt that terminals of the future would see an increasing use of technology in all aspects of terminal operations leading to more productive and efficient operations.’  

When I read that a small part of me died inside.

Okay that’s a slight exaggeration, but come on; of course an increase in technology in terminal operations will lead to increased efficiency. It’s called progression, and while we might not be the fastest industry to make technology work for us, we are coming up with some pretty innovative ideas to get vessels from A to B faster, more economically and with less idle time in port.

Take JOC for example. They rank ports ‘Trip Advisor-style’ by looking at terminals that have taken the efficiency issue seriously and actually done something about it, rather than just talk about it.. They’ve taken berth productivity and weighted those productivity numbers by call size to achieve actual improvement in year-over-year performance. Now if that isn’t innovative, I don’t know what is.

It doesn’t stop there, and happens at different scales too. The Port of Rotterdam Authority and Multimodal Coordination Foundation and Brabant Advice Centre (MCA Brabant) recently signed a partnership agreement to increase container transport via inland shipping between Rotterdam and North Brabant. Emile Hoogsteden, Director of Containers, Breakbulk & Logistics at the Port of Rotterdam Authority said, ‘Smart connections between the Port of Rotterdam and Brabant will result in structurally higher multimodal transport reliability, and this will contribute to the sustainable accessibility and growth of one of the most important logistics hotspots in the Netherlands.’

As the old adage says, talk is cheap, but developing ideas and actually bringing them to fruition for the good of the industry both financially, economically and environmentally. That isn’t obvious, that’s ingenious.

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