CargoMate Dashboard and CargoMate Mobile

CargoMate - the world’s first global real-time containership cargo monitoring system,
helping you to sail early, sail slower and save fuel.

Whether you're onboard or ashore, monitoring a port call has never been easier. CargoMate is the world's first and only system that enables shipping companies to monitor cargo operations online in real-time, creating opportunities for your vessels to sail early.

Containership in port Containership in port

a device for crew onboard

  • Works in every port worldwide with no integration required from the terminal or vessel
  • Replaces paper logbooks, simplifying cargo operations and creating a safer working environment
  • Completely intuitive, crew can start logging events immediately

a dashboard for shore teams

  • Automatically forecasts when cargo operations will complete using gantry productivity
  • Notifies Fleet Managers and shore teams of the earliest potential departure time
  • Gives greater visibility of every port call, for every vessel in every port

real-time gantry productivity

CargoMate accurately predicts whether the vessel will leave port early, on time or delayed, based on gantry productivity.

gain complete visibility of every port call

The device and dashboard are always up-to-date, showing the position and status of gantries, hatch covers, gearboxes and special cargo such as Dangerous Goods and Reefer cargoes.

view fleet port performance history

Benchmark every port call to identify efficiency improvements, reduce the risk of a delay or look at the port call history for an individual vessel.

access terminal performance reports immediately

CargoMate is the only system in the world that neutrally records berth performance so you can compare reported performance from the terminal against observed performance from your vessel.

enhance safety onboard with full details of all IMDG

Crew can view every placard, UN number, container type and cell location for Dangerous Goods on a fully interactive digital bayplan, directly on the device.

why choose CargoMate?

Every detail of the port call is synced from the device onboard to an online dashboard, so shore teams can track progress with more visibility than ever before. Using real-time forecasting and advanced notifications, CargoMate gives you data-driven insight directly from your ships, keeping them on schedule and reducing idle time in port.


CargoMate replaces an existing paper logbook with an intuitive digital system helping to reduce the time spent logging events in port


Shore-based teams gain visibility and insight into every port call within the fleet in any port, worldwide


Optimise your fleet with previously uncaptured data to uncover opportunities to sail early, helping to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions


Benchmark every port and terminal worldwide to uncover inefficiencies in ports and terminals worldwide


Benefit from a fully managed vessel port call optimisation solution with our team of experts
Containership in port