CargoMate Dashboard and CargoMate Mobile

CargoMate - global real-time containership cargo monitoring

sail early. sail slower.
save fuel.

Whether you're onboard or ashore, monitoring a portcall has never been easier. CargoMate is the world's first and only system that enables shipping companies to monitor cargo operations online in real-time, creating opportunities for your vessels to sail early.

From the moment crew log that the gangway is rigged, to the minute cargo operations are complete, every detail of your vessels' port call is synced from a device onboard your ships to an online dashboard, so you can track the progress with more visibility than ever before.

CargoMate - one device, one dashboard, one system

a device for crew onboard

CargoMate works in every port worldwide with no restrictions, no integration from the port or terminal and is designed to be completely intuitive with no training required.

CargoMate Mobile

a dashboard for shorebased teams

Using unique algorithms based on gantry productivity, the CargoMate System forecasts how long cargo operations will take to complete, automatically notifying Fleet Managers and other third-party stakeholders of the earliest potential departure time.

CargoMate Dashboard
Containership in port

The most difficult thing is to design a system for multiple nationalities.
A really big achievement is that CargoMate is so simple.
You just click through it.

I really love it.

Chief Officer of a 13,000 TEU container ship

how CargoMate works

Implementing a new system onboard can be a daunting process, which is why we've made CargoMate completely intuitive; crew can start logging events as soon as the device arrives onboard.

Fleet management teams can view cargo operations in real-time, with advance warning if there is a delay or an opportunity to depart ahead of schedule; saving you time, money and fuel.

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A hand saving money

We'll send you a device directly to any ship you choose, in any port, worldwide.

Crew can start logging events as soon as they receive the device.

CargoMate is completely intuitive.

Fleet management teams can view cargo loading and discharging in real-time, enabling them to make key decisions instantly.

Fleet management and other third parties are notified of the earliest departure time via email and on the dashboard.

Optimised operations result in lower fuel consumption and emissions while reducing vessel opex costs instantly.